My name is Hélène Cuenod and I am a business consultant specialized in competence analysis.


…has been with me for a long time: for 16 years I have worked with over 50 social organizations in 20 countries in Latin America, Africa, Central Asia, the Middle East and Europe – a lot of people who really want to evolve and create a better future out of poverty and marginalization. I have often observed that neither organizations nor people are sufficiently aware of all the resources in them. I have also seen the incredible opportunities they unlock when they obtain the tools that enable them to better understand themselves and develop their strengths and potential. That is why I specialize in competence analysis: it means a lot to me that people see their skills and talents in cold print and decide how they can strengthen and develop them. This is empowerment for me.


Add to that my love for language: I am fascinated by the power that words can have when they are spoken deliberately and received consciously. Language is an important tool for empowerment: words strengthen, encourage, motivate, reveal and even create. In addition, language can specify and convey a wide range of impressions. I experience the power of words again and again. How many times have I outgrown myself because someone simply encouraged me and said, ” You are skilled to do this!”

I observe the same in HR development: a person develops her potential far beyond her imagination when a manager, coach or trainer formulates it in words. Encouragement such as “You have a talent for it!” often leads to the appropriation of a competence – the person now knows “I’m good at it” – which in turn can result in a relevant step further and further development.


Development and language are ideally combined in skills assessment: people discover their resources and abilities, learn express them in their own words as they formulate them precisely. This formulation work is essential for the participants to appropriate their competences, to then use them consciously and develop them with motivation.

Speaking of words: I am fluent in four languages. French and Spanish are my native languages. I speak and write fluently in German and English. I offer skills assessments in all four languages.


I work within networks. If necessary, further additional competences and expertise in the development of your employees and executives can be integrated into the skills assessment in your company.