Invest on the strengths of your employees



You value your employees and want to get the most out of them?
Do you want to be perceived as a talent developer in your industry?

Then you need to know which competencies each individual employee has and how you can mobilize this resource in your company. Skills assessment is the key.

For directors, personal managers and executives that want to see in cold print the available resources of their company.

Skills assessment is a science-based coaching process for identifying individual competencies acquired by people based on their professional and non-professional development, their qualifications and their learning experiences.


  • increase your performance through competence-oriented personnel assignment

  • motivate your employees by promoting their further development

  • gain planning security for strategic and personnel decisions

  • raise your company’s profile as a talent developer in your industry


Skills assessment is

  • fast – the result is available in 4 to 8 weeks

  • efficient – max. 4 sessions of 90 minutes plus 2 to 3 hours’ personal work three times

  • structured – the process is standardized, tested and reliable

  • clear – participants receive a four-pages report and a one-page summary

  • self-effective – participants formulate their competencies in their own words, increasing self-efficiency and motivation for change

  • confirmed – more than 20,000 people have benefited from this process, mainly in Germany


Cedric B., 36

Senior Manager at one of the Big Four accounting firms, Geneva

“Most of the time, we sense what competences we have, but we cannot pinpoint them because we have not identified them yet. When it comes to our career, we mostly define ourselves through our qualifications. What we like to do and what we can easily do, be it privately or professionally, is generally taken for granted, and thus we do not particularly reflect on it. We do not link our competences and do not recognize them as a resource for our work. I am now more motivated to use all my potential for my work.“

Petra N., 42

Economic psychologist, Salzburg

“Every person has skills that are based on her individual life path. It is precisely this potential that needs to be recognized and which is the basis of skills assessment: it gives an overall view of the life of managers and employees and identifies five to eight individual core competencies – for the benefit of both the company and its employees.
Through skills assessment I have become more aware of what drives my actions. I have recognized the common thread in my previous paths and am able to summarize my essential competencies and goals.”

Sabine P., 42,

Director of an international development
NGO, Vienna

“Happy and motivated employees are the biggest asset to a company. People who undergo competence-oriented counseling gain important insights into their strengths. They can assess themselves better and benefit from it in their career path. They more easily recognize the meaning of their work and act with more personal responsibility.
Because we always work most effectively when we do what we are particularly good at and enjoy doing.”